The Audacity

Contra Mundi

An Audacious Battle

Thriving In A World Gone Mad

The contemporary world has become unmoored from reality. In its full embrace of post-modernism it has also become post-fact, post-beauty, and post-human. It is a hellscape of consumerist folly, sexual depravity, and spiritual bankruptcy, making us all into deracinated, rootless, lonely wanderers.

This must end. We must learn to truly thrive even as the ashes of civilization fall as burning wisps all around us.

The audacious battle against the world begins here and now. Fight with me.

Jesus Christ

Thriving begins with the resurrected Lord Jesus taught by the Holy Bible.

Faith, Family, Community

Thriving centers on faith, family, and community, not on the selfish individual.

Disciplined Living

Thriving comes from living a disciplined life of prayer, Bible study, learning, and virtuous action.

Ride the Tiger

Thriving means ignoring the priorities and stresses the world tries to impose on you.

The Sons of Solomon

The Sons of Solomon is a Christian discipline for men who commit to prayer, Bible study, and action in order to stand against the contemporary world and help their family, church, and community to thrive. The Sons of Solomon isn't an organization, nor does it establish doctrinal fellowship between Christians of different denominations. It is a discipline, similar in some respects to a fitness or exercise program, which Christians engage in to do spiritual warfare on a daily basis. To follow the discipline of the Sons of Solomon, a man commits to...

  1. ... carry a crucifix, Bible, and prayer book with him whenever he leaves the home.
  2. ... pray a circuit of psalms daily (see details below).
  3. ... study a Proverb daily (could be one verse or a few, as context determines), contemplate it, and absorb its wisdom.
  4. ... gather other men to this discipline, and begin working together to help your families, church, and community to thrive in the Lord.

The Psalms for daily prayer are:

  • Morning Psalms (before noon): Psalm 123, 125, 127
  • Day Psalms (mid-day): Psalm 124, 129
  • Evening Psalms (around dinner): Psalm 126, 128
  • Vespers Psalms (before bed): Psalm 130, 131